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Daintree Tea

Updated: 11-Apr-2007


From the heart of the “Daintree Wilderness” comes a truly unique drink grown to satisfy both the tea lover and the health-conscious consumer...

The Daintree Tea Company is located on the Cubbagudta Plantation, situated in the heart of the Daintree Wilderness area. This is the perfect growing environment for a unique tasting tea, free from tannic acid and pesticides residues. These conditions result in a product which gives the discerning tea drinker a more natural flavoured and environmentally friendly tea.

The Cubbagudta Plantation was established in 1978, by the Nicholas family, who still own and operate the business. The name Cubbagudta means "Rainy place" in the language of the local Kuku Yulangi Aboriginal people.

Harvesting plucks the soft green shoots on a regular basis, approximately two weeks apart. Once plucked the young leaf is transported to the processing factory, where it is firstly withered, then crushed, oxidied, dried, sorted and packaged. From the time the leaf is first picked, to the time it is packaged, a mere 24 hours has passed, which ensures one of the freshest tea products available on the Australian Market.

Daintree Tea is 100 per cent Australian owned, grown and processed. You can buy Daintree Tea from most shops in the Daintree region or place an order through their web site www.daintreetea.com.

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