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Insect Museum

Updated: 25-Mar-2007

Beetles, bugs and butterflys...

The Daintree Entomological Museum is located along Turpentine Road, just 50 metres from the turn off on the left hand side.

This private collection has taken 30 years to assemble and contains the worlds most rarest and stunning specimens. The Museum was built to allow the public shire a look into the fantastic world of beautiful butterflies and beetles. Here you will not only see the worlds largest Moths and Dragonflies from the Daintree region but also other live insect displays in season.

The Daintree Entomological Museum is owned, established, built and collected by Stephen Lamond.

It has taken nine years to build this private museum that now houses over 150,000.00 of Steves specimens. The building has been hand built with beautiful mahogany rainforest timbers. The Exquisite parquetry floor, stunning front entrance, frames and cabinets are all handcrafted on the property.

This professional Insect Collector and Naturalist is a one-man Insect encyclopaedia. Steve has been collecting insects for over thirty years, travelling around the world discovering new species and finding rare specimens. Steve is the man you call when an insect is thought to be extinct or not been found for 50 years.

Lamond is famous for discovering the last major insect species named the "Batocera Lamondi" by the Coleopetera Society. He discovered this beetle while on an expedition to the Solomon Islands in Malatia in 1979.

On his most recent adventure Steve discovered a new species of Rainforest Jewel Beetle whilst perched for hours  waiting thirty metres up a Eucalyptus Tree at the Mossman Range in Nth Queensland, eventually naming this species " Caladeima Michalae" after his wife.

This amazing collection of insects the uniqueness of this museum reflects the exception individuality of this self made entomologist whom is well known around the world as the "Butterfly Man".

Daintree Entomological Museum
Turpentine Road
Cape Tribulation

$10 adults
$7 children

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