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Solar Whisperer River Cruise

Updated: 03-May-2007

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the Daintree River wildlife in whisper quiet and see on the croc-cam instant replay of any action missed…. 

Solar Whisper's electric wildlife cruise boat has the latest technology; whisper quiet electric outboard motors allow you to creep up close to the wildlife. Solar panels assist in re-charging batteries for your Daintree River Cruise and with no green-house gases produced and no emissions into water, you can be assured that you are taking the right river cruise to protect our beautiful environment.

The on-board digital video camera linked to a full size television screen is ideal for the hard to spot wildlife. The “Croc Cam” and allows instant action re-plays of wildlife and action in the mangroves and rainforest along the Daintree River.

Your trained and experienced guide with 'eagle eyes' will track down Crocodiles (spotted on most trips, especially low tide), Birds, Snakes, Frogs, etc. and interpret their part in the Mangrove & Rainforest Ecosystem.

Daintree River Report #187
The fruit bats made the big mistake of staying in the same trees for three days in a row, now we have three lumpy pythons coiled up in the mangroves. Also the White Bellied sea Eagles have been busy and we did see one poor bat succumb to those powerful talons right beside the boat.

The larger crocs are scarce but the small ones are keeping us interested and the rain will help cool the river and bring them out.

We’ve had great views of those SNABS; the Shining Flycatchers taking turns at building their nest, then alternately sitting on the eggs then both feed the chicks.

This tour departs from the Daintree Village area, and is self drive only

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