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The Masons

Updated: 27-Mar-2007


Since 1981 Mason’s Tours have provided eco tourism adventures to over 150,000 visitors...

Andrew Arthur Mason first settled in Cow Bay (then known as Baileys Creek) in 1927. After a failed farming venture there he moved to Cape Tribulation in 1932. At that time, he, his brothers and their respective families were the only whites in the area. On a seasonal basis, semi tribal aborigines inhabited the coastline.


In those days the old aboriginal road was occasionally used to transport livestock, this being easier than walking it south toward the Daintree River. Also the Masons grazed cattle at Emmagen Valley, a fact that many people are surprised to learn today. The grazing leases expired and the area is now National Park and World Heritage Area.


During the second world war years, the Masons kept a horse and saddle for each person on the farm, the plan being first to walk north along the Bloomfield Track, then west or south to escape invasion. In those days the Bloomfield Track would have been the easiest way out. Luckily the escape plan was never needed.


Over the years the Mason Family witnessed many changes – from walking track to road, from would be farmers and miners to Marijuana growers and from unprotected State Forest to National Park and World Heritage Area.

Since 1981 Mason’s Tours have provided eco tourism adventures to over 150,000 visitors. Mason's Tours was founded by the late Paul Mason and celebrated 25 years of operation in 2006.


Mason’s Tours operate from the Cape Tribulation to Daintree River area.

Their experienced local guides will give you time to see, touch, smell and even taste the Far North Queensland rainforest - on your tour they will provide amazing information and answer your questions about the tropical rainforest plants and trees, birds, insects, frogs, forest dragons, snakes and crocodiles to give you a unique wilderness experience and unforgettable memories of your visit to the World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation National Park.

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