During the “wet season”, from December to April, there are heavy, frequent downpours...

The area in which Daintree National Park is located has one of the wettest climates in Australia. During the “wet season”, from December to April, there are heavy, frequent downpours. Some areas receive over six metres of rainfall annually. Maximum temperatures through the wet season range from 27 to 33 degrees Celsius, with humidity often exceeding 80 percent.Daintree Rainforest Swiming

The cooler, drier months, from May to September, are the best time to visit. The weather is pleasantly warm during this time, with reduced humidity and the maximum temperature averaging 26 degrees Celsius.

Temps in the rainforest are surprisingly mild due to the protective canopy layer of tall trees. The air is often humid but cool.

  • The highest recorded temperature is 36.7 degrees Celsius. 
  • The lowest recorded temperature is 8.9 degrees Celsius. 
  • Sea temperatures range from 23 degrees in July (winter) to 29 degrees in February (summer). 
  • Daintree Village Longitude & Latitude is 16.2502° S, 145.3205° E

Casual resort style clothing is required and suitable footwear for walks. Warmer clothing is recommended for evenings during winter months (June-September). Bring sunscreen, hat and clothes for protection from the sun and repellent for mosquitos, sandflies and midges.


The wet season is roughly between December and April each year. The majority of North Queensland residents welcome this time of year. The rivers, creeks and waterfalls are in their prime and the rainforest comes alive. When the first heavy rain hits Cairns City you can see the steam rise from the concrete and bitumen roads as it cools and cleans the streets.

Fortunately most of the rain fall during the night at this time of year so there are still many great days to be had at the Reef and Islands. December is actually the preferred time to visit the Reef by many scuba diving enthusiasts because the winds are down and the water clarity can be superb.Daintree Seasons

Just because it's raining in or around Cairns doesn't mean the sun won't be shining at the Great Barrier Reef. You may find the sun is shining brightly and the wind is so low that you have chosen the perfect day for snorkeling and diving on the Barrier Reef.
If you happen to visit Cairns while a low is crossing the coast though, you will see the rain come down in all its glory, the sun will disappear for a few days and you may have to reschedule your Reef trip until it passes.

Traditionally the wet season means low visitor numbers to our region. North Queensland has a lot to offer this time of year. Below I have listed 5 reasons to visit during the wet season!:

Low Season Pricing:
Because of the low visitor numbers accommodation pricing drops and there are are always huge savings to be made.

No Crowds:
In the peak of July and August, as well as paying full price for everything you may find it difficult to find the ideal accommodation or day trips for your dates even if you do book in advance. Because everything fills up so quickly (sometimes popular properties will fill up months in advance) people often end up compromising and won't end up with their ideal package. Although we still recommend you book at least 3 weeks in advance the Low Season will give you many more options and flexibility to re-arrange your itinerary.

The Rainforest:
This is the ideal time to see the Rainforest come alive either on a Self drive expedition or one of the fantastic Rainforest Day Trips on offer to the daintree or Southern tablelands.

Water Clarity & Less Wind:
With the low winds comes water clarity on the Barrier Reef. If you have been to the reef on a day trip where the water is like glass you will know what a difference it makes. Some of the most perfect days on the reef are during the wet season.

Waterfalls & Fresh Water Swimming:
For me this is one of the most over looked activities available in North Queensland. Spending a hot day at one of our wonderful swimming holes is an activity not to be missed. There are many to choose from and Day Trips such as Uncle Brian’s - Fun Falls & Forest generate some of the very best feedback we hear.