Ocean Safari

Pristine half day eco tour

  • Visit 2 snorkel destinations
  • Maximum 25 passengers

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living coral system in the world, stretching 2300km along Queensland's coast from Bundaberg in the south to the top of Cape York in the north. The Marine Park comprises of an extraordinary variety of marine habitats, ranging from some 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays and about 150 inshore mangrove islands and shallow inshore areas.

Cape Tribulation is one of the few places along the Great Barrier Reef where the reef is easy to access; just 19km offshore. Whilst there are many many reef trips that depart daily from Cairns & Port Douglas, the reefs off Cape Tribulation, in comparison, remain mainly untouched.

The advantages of snorkelling and diving from Cape Tribulation are:-

  • Two World Heritage Areas - Cape Tribulation is where the Daintree National Park meets the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  • There is only one licensed day boat operations from Cape Tribulation, in comparison to the numerous operators running from Cairns and Port Douglas.
  • View the undisturbed coastline of Cape Tribulation.
  • The reefs are not as subject to the agricultural run-off and visitor volume of other reefs further south.
  • The reefs accessible from Cape Tribulation are only 19km away compared with far greater distances for reef operators from Cairns.
  • Water visibilty averages 15-25 metres (50-80ft), with water temperatures 21-31 degrees celcius (70-80 fahrenheit).


Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

There are a few different ways to explore the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation. Take an exhilirating ride to two different reef locations with Ocean Safari, or enjoy more of a relaxed scenic pace on a sea kayaking adventure. These trips are ideal for visitors with a sense of adventure, looking for something different without the crowds. They will surely be a highlight of any visit to the Daintree.


Ocean Safari

Ocean Safari is the only snorkel tour company operating in Cape Tribulation. Reef sites visited include Mackay and Undine Reef, which form part of the outer Great Barrier Reef. Mackay Reef, lies about 20 kilometres east of Cape Tribulation and is synonymous with turtle spotting. With minimal human activity in this area, the water is clear and the reef has remained in pristine condition featuring an abundance of beautiful hard and soft corals and exotic fish.

Ocean Safari departs from Cape Tribulation Beach for an exhilarating fast ride of approximately 25 minutes to the Great Barrier Reef. This is ideal for those who aren't so great on water, as less travel time means less seasickness, and the sooner you can get into the water the sooner you'll be making the most of your Great Barrier Reef experience. This is a very special trip as you can gain an appreciation of the Great Barrier Reef and the coastal rainforest of the Daintree - two world heritage areas side by side. On most days the rainforest can be seen along the mainland whilst snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef. With a maximum of 25 passengers, the trip also provides a very personalised experience, the crew are extremely knowledgable about the species and are only too happy to bombard you with tonnes of info!

The Ocean Safari check in office is the Boardwalk Cafe, Cape Tribulation Road and a courtesy bus pick up from Cape Tribulation accommodation is included. Ocean Safari has advanced Eco Accreditation.

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Explore the Great Barrier Reef from another perspective - sea kayaing! Sea Kayaking is the ultimate way to experience this amazing tropical environment. Explore up close tropical beaches, fringing reef, mangroves and marine wildlife. You will also have spectacular views of the Daintree National Park as the rainforest clad mountains meet the ocean. There is so much to discover out on the water but the most exciting is spotting marine wildlife. Every day is different with wildlife frequently spotted including sea turtles, schools of fish, sea eagles, dolphins, dugong, sting rays and the occasional whale passing during migration season (July and August).

Seeing this amazing tropical environment from your kayak is a very low impact and eco friendly way to travel through this pristine area. No experience necessary and all equipment provided on this fun and adventurous kayak trip. Paddletrek have sturdy double and single sit-on-top kayaks available, and children six years and older are welcome to join their parents. Sea kayaking is a great opportunity to capture some amazing photos and gain a better understanding of this precious, unique environment.

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Snapper Island Sea Kayaking

Snapper Island Sea Kayaking provides an amazing trip of discovery and adventure! Become a real life Robinson Crusoe today with an exclusive overnight trip visiting untouched beaches, tropical rainforest, coves and bays. Snapper Island National Park is situated 2 kilometres from the mouth of the Daintree River, and 11km from Cow Bay Beach, Cape Tribulation. The island is part of the traditional sea country of the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people, who continue to hunt and fish around the island, and traditionally manage the island's culture.

The Snapper Island Sea Kayaking adventure begins at Daintree Crocodylus Village in Cow Bay where you will be fuelled up with a hearty breakfast, ready for the 11km paddle. Kayaking is taken at a slow pace to ensure everyone makes the most of the spectacular views of the Daintree Coastline and can spend time posing for photos and spotting all the sea life that accompanies along the way - turtles and sea birds for sure and maybe even a dugong or whale! Once on the island you will have no trouble filling up your time snorkelling, walking, lazing and exploring. Snapper Island is uninhabited and filled with tropical rainforest, surrounded by magnificent coral reef and white sandy beaches. Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by our expert (and entertaining) guide who will keep your safe, prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and set up your tents. Kayak slowly the following day back to Cow Bay beach visiting Shipwreck Cove, Robinson Crusoe and Coral Cove along the way for morning tea and lunch, and possibly just one more snorkel.

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